Clean Air for a Healthy Home and COVID-19

EZ BREATHE Ventilation SystemThe COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for everyone.

Businesses around the world are rethinking their building ventilation systems to keep employees and customers safe. In addition, homeowners are also considering new ways to improve the flow of air inside their homes to keep occupants breathing clean and healthy air. An EZ Breathe® Ventilation System is a great way to protect your home from airborne diseases and other harmful particles.

Creating Clean Air

In a study that is a part of the Cambridge Corona Virus Collection, it was found that people were 8X more likely to catch COVID-19 in their homes, and the reason was poor room ventilation compared to commercial and medical facilities.

An EZ Breathe® Ventilation System installed by D-Bug Waterproofing will reduce the amount of harmful mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and other airborne allergens by up to 85% within the first 30 days of installation.

Ensuring that your home is equipped with an effective ventilation system greatly reduces the chances that a COVID-19 infected person in your home will spread the infection to others.

You can learn more about EZ Breathe® by visiting our page on the EZ Breathe® Ventilation System, as well as our recent article on Fighting COVID-19 at Home with EZ Breathe!

EZ Breath Home Ventilation SystemMore Efficient, More Effective

EZ Breathe® Ventilation Systems are an extremely effective alternative to traditional air purification systems and dehumidifiers. One EZ Breathe® Ventilation System is sufficient enough to filter the air of an entire home while using about as much power as a 40w lightbulb, saving energy costs.

Invest in Air Quality

Upgrading your home’s ventilation system to an EZ Breathe® System is a wise investment. By having an EZ Breathe System Installed, homeowners reduce the chances of spreading infectious diseases to others and keep the air inside you home safe to breathe. For a free quote, call 1-855-381-1528.

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