D-Bug Completes Job On-Budget and On-Time

At D-Bug Waterproofing, our commitment to arriving on-time, performing a meticulous job as described, and completing the project within budget is paramount.

At D-Bug Waterproofing, our commitment to arriving on-time, performing a meticulous job as described, and completing the project within budget is paramount.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work and establishing long-lasting relationships with our customers. This case study outlines one of our recent projects – revamping a back porch patio and restoring a retaining wall for a homeowner in Southwestern, Pennsylvania, and highlights how we upheld our pledge of quality, punctuality, and budget-consciousness.

Project History: Incomplete Job/Growing Problem

In Southwestern Pennsylvania, many homeowners share a common experience – their property needs attention and restoration, but the process becomes delayed or disrupted due to various contractor issues. Our client in this case study had a similar problem. They had been waiting on another contractor who had under-quoted and over-promised, eventually failing to deliver on their commitments. For nearly two years, the homeowner was left in a lurch as the contractor failed to start the project, let alone complete it.

As time passed, the homeowner's problem worsened. At a glance, it appeared to be a straightforward challenge. The concrete work and the retaining wall, integral to the back porch, had significantly deteriorated over time. A few supports for the porch roof were resting precariously on a retaining wall that was increasingly pushed in by the soil pressure from behind. The block walls, which were providing support to the porch wings, had similarly deteriorated. The porch floor had developed cracks and sunken parts, forcing the homeowner to put a temporary support jack in place.

This was the scenario when D-Bug Waterproofing was called in.

Choosing D-Bug Waterproofing for Concrete and Retaining Wall Work

D-Bug Waterproofing had been called to the rescue because of our proven track record with this client. A few years earlier, we had performed foundation repair and basement waterproofing for them. Even though our company name might not immediately suggest porch, patio, retaining wall, and sidewalk work, our client remembered the efficiency and quality of the job we had previously delivered.

They were confident in our capabilities and were eager to see if we could solve this problem too. And we were more than up to the challenge!

Understanding the Cause of the Porch Damage

Upon inspection, we realized that the porch damage had been a slow, gradual process that had accelerated in recent years. The original retaining wall was not set below the frost line, leaving it vulnerable to yearly freezing and thawing. The porch lacked proper drainage – there was no floor drain or a French drain to protect the support wall. Moreover, the original 4x4 supports for the porch roof had not been safeguarded against weather or insect activity, allowing termite damage and moisture to wreak havoc over time.

During our discussions about the concrete work – the primary focus of this project – the homeowner highlighted some issues with the soffit and fascia that they wanted repaired. We agreed to incorporate these additional repairs into our work plan.

D-Bug Crew Manually Removing a Deteriorated 50 Year-old Concrete Retaining Wall

Because of the narrow pathway to the worksite, no more than a small steer skid could reach the back porch where the majority of the work needed to be done. D-Bug relied on old-fashioned muscle and determination to get the job done.


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Project Challenges

Like many other properties in Western Pennsylvania, our client's house was located on a steep hill. This, coupled with the position of the back porch, made it difficult to bring in heavy machinery. All the original concrete work, including a concrete sidewalk leading up to the porch, needed to be removed. However, due to the site's limitations, the biggest piece of machinery we could deploy at the porch was a hand-operated mini skid steer.

This situation necessitated substantial manual labor. Our teams had to use jackhammers, wrecking bars, and sheer determination to break up and remove tons of 50-year-old, rebar-reinforced concrete and concrete block. These fragments then had to be carefully loaded into wheelbarrows or the mini-skid and hauled away around the back of the house to our trucks on the street.


Project Execution: The Importance of a Sizeable, Skilled Workforce

Because of the site's challenges – a steep hill and limited access to the workspace – it was critical to deploy a sufficient number of workers to make progress on the job. A small crew of two or three would have taken weeks to finish the job. The only direct path to the work area was a sidewalk with the house wall on one side and a retaining wall on the other, further complicating the process.

However, at D-Bug, we were prepared to tackle this issue head-on. We initiated the project with seven or more people on-site, operating multiple jackhammers simultaneously and teams efficiently using wrecking bars. The original concrete and wall work, although damaged, had been in place for half a century and was rebar-reinforced. Therefore, breaking up all this material and quickly removing it from the site required an enormous effort.

Our work was not limited to removing the old structure. We needed to ensure that our foundation work extended below the frost line. Additionally, we had to arrange for drainage for the concrete on the porch and install a French drain for the new retaining wall. We meticulously planned for each day, intending to pour the concrete by Friday. This timeline allowed the patio and walkway to harden over the two-day weekend before our finishing crews returned on Monday.

Feedback from Homeowners - Scot & Jane Noel

"D-Bug's arrival on-site was an impressive spectacle. Multiple trucks, a large crew, and an assortment of equipment made their way up the road precisely at 7:00 am, as promised. They wasted no time getting to work. With jackhammers in action, there was bound to be noise and dust. However, D-Bug minimized the discomfort by completing this phase as quickly as possible.

Every day, there was a crew chief on-site, and the company owner dropped by several times to monitor not just the overall progress but also the minute details. His instructions included 'touching up the paint that got scraped', 'adding more soil filler over there', and 'planting some grass here'.

In six work days, they completed the concrete work, set up a new Versa-LOK retaining wall, and laid out new sidewalks. We couldn't have expected anything better. Every crew member was polite, respectful, efficient, and genuinely interested in doing a good job. This professionalism made the entire experience as pleasant as possible for us homeowners."

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