Excavation and Re-Grading

excavation-regradingD-Bug Waterproofing re-grades yards to slope the terrain away from the house or structure. Re-grading the yard keeps the water from running against the house and directs it to a specific area. In some situations, dirt is added against the house, yet some yards may require removing dirt. Either way, D-Bug Waterproofing can solve any problem. Re-grading the yard plays a major role affecting water entering your basement.

An interior French drain system may be needed if the water is coming in the lower part of the foundation. The excess water running against the foundation can cause foundation walls to push and bow, which may cause a need for wall anchors. Unfortunately, in most situations, re-grading also involves the installation of surface French drains and catch basins or storm drain to help carry the water away. Call D-Bug Inc. today for a free estimate.

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