Sump Pumps

Installation and Maintenance

When it comes to waterproofing your basement or crawlspace, one of the most important weapons in the D-Bug arsenal is the sump pump.

Water goes where it will, and in the basements of Pittsburgh area homes, completely preventing water from entering the structure is often impossible. The job of waterproofing becomes one of redirecting and controlling water flow to keep your living space dry and comfortable.

A common approach is to dig an Interior French Drain and direct water from the drain to a sump pump. A “sump” is the little well into which the water collects, and the pump pushes the water up and out of your basement through PVC piping. The water is directed through a lead-off that carries the water away from the house and drains it to the surface.

D-Bug Waterproofing installs many types of sump pumps for basements and crawl spaces. These include basement pump systems with battery backup, commercial grade sump pumps, and sewage grinder sump pumps (for residential applications).

We also replace sump pump switches or floats. In addition, D-Bug Inc. has a one-year warranty on new sump pumps, which is renewable after the year ends. During the warranty period, we service the pump and clean the sump.

Don’t wait for flooding to cause catastrophic damage to your basement! Make sure that you have a sump pump installed and in excellent working condition! Basement flooding can be a costly and extremely stressful experience!

Avoiding Sump Pump Problems

Like any mechanical system, sump pumps can run into trouble. Debris may work its way inside the sump pump and cause a blockage. Cold winter weather can freeze the discharge pipe, blocking the exit and causing the pump to run continually, even burning it out. In the worst case, the pump could overflow and flood your basement, exactly the problem it was installed to prevent!

The good news is that the D-Bug Waterproofing team are expert in Sump Pump installation, maintenance, and repair. We’ll keep your basement pump in top operational condition and your basement comfortable and dry.

Turn to the Professionals at D-Bug Waterproofing

From the first time you see water in your basement, you have to worry about unhealthy mold, foundation damage, and the value of your home. But you’re not alone.
At D-Bug, we offer affordable basement waterproofing, repair, and remodeling. One service does it all! We can even waterproof your basement in the dead of winter, giving you a cozy, refinished basement for spring.

D-Bug Waterproofing has been serving homes in Westmoreland County and the Pittsburgh region since 1939. Give us a call at 1-855-381-1528 or visit our Contact Us page today.

Don’t wait for flooding to cause catastrophic damage to your basement!  Make sure that you have a sump installed and in excellent working condition!  Basement flooding can be a costly and extremely stressful experience!

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