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Can Wall Parging Save Your Basement?

What exactly is parging, and how can it save your foundation?

Parging is the process of using masonry mortar to cover the surface of a brick or stone surface, in order to repair cracks resulting from deteriorating bricks and weak mortar joints. It is most effectively used on older home foundations, where moisture has gotten into the bricks or cement walls and caused decay.

Is your home in need of parging? D-Bug Waterproofing provides top-notch parging and sealing services to repair your crumbling foundations.

How Parging Works

Parging mortar is made from a combination of Portland Cement, lime, masonry cement, and water. Water is stirred in gradually to the dry ingredients, until the parging mortar becomes a paste. The section of the wall to be parged is then misted with water, allowing the mortar to more easily adhere to the wall. Once the wall is coated, we use trowels to spread the mortar over the wall, until the problem area is coated with a thin layer.

Once the mortar dries, it covers cracked areas and seals gaps between smaller cracks, preventing moisture from seeping in and damaging the wall. The dried mortar creates a stucco exterior that keeps water out and your walls intact.

Waterproofing Experts

If you believe your home is in need of parging, D-Bug’s team knows exactly what to look for. If your basement is taking on water, we offer an extensive list of waterproofing services that are sure to remedy your situation.

For a free parging quote, call 1-855-381-1528, and our experts will recommend the service best for you.