Floor Drains: Camera Inspection, Replace and Install

Floor Drains: Camera Inspection, Replace and Install

camera-sewer-lineCamera Inspection of Sewer Lines

D-Bug Waterproofing can camera the sewer line to assess the problem. If needed, we can ell the sewer line open, camera the line to locate the trouble area, then address the problem. With the camera, we know the exact location of the problem and the approximate depth of the pipe, therefore, our work can be centralized in the proper location.

Reasons for using camera inspection include:

• Identifying where to dig
• Tree roots, stones, and other objects that penetrate the sewer
• Clogged drain lines
• Damaged pipes
• Home inspections
• Retrieval of objects dropped into the sewer

Our low-cost camera inspections feature powerful lights, high resolution video, auto-focus, and the ability to record live feeds. D-Bug’s team has experience utilizing cameras to take a lot of the guesswork out of pinpointing problems! Our camera inspections greatly improve accuracy and lead to faster repairs!

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