Winter Cold Often Brings Mold!

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Prevent Winter Basement Disasters This Fall!
October 17, 2018
Frosty Foundations
December 18, 2018

If you thought that mold growth took a break in the winter, you are unfortunately wrong. In fact, certain conditions brought on by winter can make mold even worse!

We tend to keep our windows closed in the winter, which means that condensation from showers and around the kitchen sink build up. The moisture clings to walls, windows, and other surfaces, allowing for mold to thrive indoors.

Outside, piles of dead leaves and the dead vegetation in gardens allows mold to thrive. And the harsh cold temperatures don’t actually kill the mold. That mold can get into the air, and eventually into your lungs.

Frozen pipes often burst, leading to leaks. The freezing and thawing throughout the season can wreak havoc on basements. A basement is, therefore, especially susceptible to mold growth in the winter.

Mold presents great health dangers for you and your family. But fortunately, D-Bug specializes in waterproofing to make sure that conditions are removed that allow for mold growth!

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