How Mold in the Basement Can Impact Your Health

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May 3, 2017
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June 22, 2017

The temperamental elements of Pittsburgh weather conditions can often leave us warm and dry inside our homes. Unfortunately those same conditions can create the perfect conditions for a breeding ground for mold, in areas both common and uncommon in the home, including crawl spaces, attics, basements, behind drywall or even under carpets.

Mold thrives in the presence of excessively damp conditions. A leaky basement or bathroom is primarily susceptible to mold, although other areas of the house that meet these conditions can be vulnerable as well.

While mold is known to have an unpleasant appearance and create a damp, musty odor when present, many of the problems are not visible to the eye. Mold creates an impairment to the structural integrity of any surface where it is found, as well as contributing to health problems such as asthma and allergies.

basement waterproofingThe effect that mold has on the health of those living with it has been the topic of news headlines, as well as generating a number of studies on the effects of mold and various health problems. The results are a startling number of statistics, all of which have unfavorable results related to mold on the premises:

  • According to a 2007 joint study conducted by the EPA and Berkeley National Laboratory, “Building dampness and mold raised the risk of a variety of respiratory and asthma-related health outcomes by 30 to 50 percent.”
  • According to the Mold Resources page on the U.S. EPA website, “One third to one half of all structures have damp conditions that may encourage development of pollutants such as molds and bacteria, which can cause allergic reactions — including asthma — and spread infectious diseases.”
  • According to the Mayo Clinic, a staggering “93% of chronic sinus infections are related to mold exposure.”

The statistics are there, and they are startling. Adding to the issue is that mold does not have to be visible to cause health problems, which means that many who are suffering may not even be aware that mold is at the root of the problem. A number of DIY tests have become available on the market which claim to be effective for identifying mold spores in the air, however, in 2006, Consumer Reports evaluated four different types of home mold testing kits and rated all of them “Not Recommended.” Inaccurate results can mean that mold is in fact present and undetected, and can continue to affect your health.

The professionals at D-Bug Waterproofing are committed to providing those in and around the Pittsburgh area with a safe and dry environment, free of mold and the conditions that cause it. From moisture proofing to the E-Z Breathe Ventilation, D-Bug Waterproofing’s Mold Remediation Solutions are designed to safely and effectively eliminate mold from the environment, as well as get to the root of the cause, to prevent further mold growth. If you suspect that your home has mold, or that you are experiencing health problems related to mold, don’t wait any longer – contact D-Bug Waterproofing today.