Wall Anchor Systems

wall-anchorWhy do you need wall anchors?

Wall anchors support the foundation and keep it from pushing any further or from collapsing completely.  Hence, the wall anchors gradually pull the wall back into place.

Why use D-Bug Inc.’s wall anchoring system?

D-Bug Inc.’s wall anchors are different than the square plate anchoring system commonly used by other companies.  Specifically, D-Bug uses a 5-1/2 inch U channel of steel that goes under the basement floor and extends to the basement floor joists.  The 7-10 foot long U channel, which sets under the basement floor, uses the 10 -20 ton basement floor to hold the bottom of the basement foundation. Secondly, the 10 foot steel rod, which goes outside into the virgin soil, has a steel plate (16 inches by 16 inches cemented into place) which holds the top of the foundation. The wall anchors periodically need to be tightened, preferably at the time of year when the ground dries and shrinks. As a result, the wall anchors will gradually pull the wall back into place.

What is the difference between U channel anchors and square plate anchors?

The U channel anchors support the whole wall from the floor to the ceiling. Also, the U channel anchor holds walls in place better because the basement floor holds the bottom of the walls and the steel rod holds the top of the block walls. The steel plate anchors only hold the area in which it was placed. The steel plate anchoring system has no support of the bottom of the foundation.

What is the difference between using U channel anchors and I beams?

I beams are good to use when properties are close together, because you can’t install steel rods outside when the neighbor’s property is only 10 feet away. However,  I beams use the weight of the 1st floor and joist of the house to support the wall. Unfortunately, D-Bug Inc. has had I beams push or twist joists in instances where there is a lot of clay surrounding the house. Therefore, this becomes a problem.

What about using banding in the foundation?

It may be good on a new foundation that is only cracked and not pushed. However, a  problem may occur if the epoxy is deteriorated where the band was applied. Also, the block foundation gets water from the outside or from the block sweating due to condensation. As a result, the epoxy breaks down and the band becomes loose.

D-Bug Waterproofing believes that using U channel wall anchors every 5-7 feet will hold a block foundation for as long as steel rods lasts, which is 35 plus years.

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