Bowed Basement Walls and Damaged Foundations

Basement Foundation crack stabilized with I-BeamsConcrete retaining walls, I-beams, anchors and more!

Are your basement walls bowed, pushed, or cracking? D-Bug Waterproofing can help! Our expert team can fix your foundation problems in no time, putting your mind at ease and keeping your family safe.

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Finding and Fixing Foundation Issues

Every year the soil around your foundation freezes and thaws. Rainwater finds new paths and swells the ground. Pressure may crack your walls. Sinking ground may cause instability around your foundation. Even the smallest issues have the potential to cause total foundation failure. Is your home safe from devastating damage?

Basement Foundation Damage Addressed with Exterior Retaining Wall

Foundation walls push for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Faulty exterior ground grading
  • Ground freezing and thawing
  • Clay soil swelling
  • Premature backfilling
  • Sinking concrete porches
  • Rotting block foundations

Fortunately, D-Bug Waterproofing can identify and address even the smallest foundation problems, before they become dangerous for your home.

While some damaged walls may only require simple reinforcement methods, our team can handle the most complicated foundation repair projects.

Concrete and I-Beam Retaining Walls

Bowed and cracking walls repaired with I-Beam supports

Sometimes our experts encounter walls that have been pushed beyond the point of wall anchor repairs. When the bottom row of foundation blocks shifts off its footer, or when blocks are deteriorating completely, concrete retaining walls are often the answer.

The process involves digging deep beside the footer, installing re-bar for every square foot and pouring a new concrete wall against the foundation. Once complete, you can rest assured your home will be preserved for generations to come.

D-Bug team members can also support pushed foundations with an I-beam support method. The process involves jackhammering into the home’s basement floor, placing the I-beam underneath, extending it up the wall, and connecting it to the floor joists.

I-beams are then cemented into place and braced with wood, using the weight of the overall structure and cement floor to stabilize the foundation wall.

To prevent future issues, we top off most traditional repairs with installation of an exterior French drainage system.

From small cracks to total foundation collapse, D-Bug is here for you!

Since 1939, D-Bug has been a locally owned and managed family business. D-Bug uses only our own highly trained employees to service customers. Also, D-Bug is fully insured to protect you, the property owner.  Call us today at 1-855-381-1528 to learn more or visit our Contact Us page.

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