Basement Entrances

Basement Entry

basement-entriesInstallation of new or existing basement entrance-ways.

D-Bug Waterproofing can create a basement entrance way in houses that don’t even have a basement entrance. First, excavation to the footer would take place followed by cutting, framing in, and installing a steel door in a hole in the block basement wall. Next, versa-lok walls would be constructed on the side or sides. Once the walls are built and stepped back into the hillside, a French drain system would be established behind the versa-lok wall. D-Bug Waterproofing prefers to install catch basins at the bottom of the basement entrance way to catch debris before it enters the pipe. By code, the water from the catch basin and French drains are not permitted to enter the sewer-line. Therefore, a sump pump system must be installed in the basement to pump out the water. (If possible, a gravity flow lead-off is sometimes used to drain the water.)

In the meantime, forms are built for the concrete steps and a pad at the top and bottom, into which cement is poured. The steps may be constructed out of versa-lok, but D-Bug Waterproofing prefers to use cement for durability.

D-Bug Waterproofing removes old basement entrances that are pushing or decaying and replaces them with versa-lok block, concrete block or poured concrete walls. D-Bug Waterproofing prefers versa-lok because of the variety of colors and with the versa-lok block stepping back into the hillside 1/2 to 3/4 inch every row, it provides a nice entrance way that widens as you walk up.

D-Bug Waterproofing can also install a fire escape basement entrance way as well. This involves digging and installing a special made fire exit window that swings open for easy exit in case of an emergency. An egress well will keep  dirt away from the window, and, in most models, the ladder is built right into the well. Then, we install an egress well cover to help keep excess water out.

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