Interior and Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Mold Removal

DON'T MESS WITH MOLD!   Don't deal with mold and the harmful side effects that mold can cause. Give D-Bug Inc. a call and a trained professional will come out and evaluate the problem. Whether mold remediation is necessary or a problem with water seepage (that causes the growth of mold) exsists, the experts at D-Bug Waterproofing can take care of all your water and mold  problems.

E-Z Breathe Ventilation System

The E-Z Breathe Ventilation System E-Z Breathe replaces the air in your home up to 10 times a day. How does E-Z Breathe work? Take what you already know about dehumidifiers and air purifiers; then take one step further and that's where E-Z Breathe technology begins. The concept is simple, by creating a slight pressure variance, EZ Breathe draws damp, contaminated air down and out of the home and then vents it to the outside. This creates complete air excanges up to 10 times a day and provides a much needed path of escape for the polluted air. Clean fresh air replaces the damp, polluted air. The EZ Breathe System is governed by a humidistat that will cycle the unit on and off according to the desired humidity and fan speed settings, providing continuous comfort and peace of mind,too. D-Bug Inc. is a authorized dealer and trained professional.

Better Business Bureau Award

 D-Bug Inc. is the 1st runner up for the Better Business Bureau 2010 Torch Award for Market Place Ethics.

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