FAQs on Interior French Drains

Interior French DrainWhat is an Interior French Drain?

Where French Drains are usually installed outside, around the perimeter of your home, and interior French drain is installed directly in your basement!

A French drain usually consists of a ditch that’s filled with gravel that contains a perforated pipe. Water can then seep through the gravel, leading it to the pipe. With the help of gravity, water entering your basement is directed to a sump pump and expelled from your basement.

Do Interior French Drains Take Long to Install?

No one wants their basement torn up and looking like a construction zone for long. Never fear, an interior French drain can be installed in one or two days with the help of an expert crew. Plastic shields are put in place to keep dust from entering your home, and the trench dug for the French drain is covered with fast setting concrete. Dust and debris are cleaned and moved from your basement.

How do I know If I need an Interior French Drain or not?

In Southwestern Pennsylvania, many basements are prone to water penetration. Water gets on the floor, ruins carpet, destroys stored boxes, and causes mold to grow. If this is the case with your basement, a French Drain might be the only way to avoid continuing water damage to your property.

Foundation Repair from D-Bug WaterproofingWill an Interior French Drain destroy the appearance of my basement?

No! A French Drain can be installed in your basement floor in a way that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. At D-Bug Waterproofing, our crews can even put up water-resistant, finished walls, lighting, baseboard, and more. We even have qualified electrical teams.

Does an Interior French Drain require regular maintenance?

Interior French Drains require much less maintenance than French Drains dug outside your home. There are no leaves, soil, and detritus carried by rain directly entering the drain.  Where traditional French Drains should be cleaned once a year and a snake used to remove debris, Interior French drains last a long time before any type of build up causes an issue.

Are Interior French Drains affordable?

Basement Painting Laundry Room

Interior French Drains are not cheap, but the expense should be compared to the cost of damage being done by continual water damage to your basement and foundation. Wall repair and stabilization is often necessary when water leakage goes unchecked. When the problem is faced early, the need for an interior French drain may be limited to the perimeter of one or two walls. An installation expert, like those at D-Bug Waterproofing, can evaluate your situation and quickly quote you on repairs.

We do our best to make the repairs you need for your home affordable for you.

Does and Interior French Drain Prevent Basement Remodeling?

No! In fact, installing an Interior French Drain can be your first step toward a great new basement experience. D-Bug Waterproofing is experienced in transforming your damp and dark basement space into everything from a family game room to extra bedrooms, adding an extra bathroom, and much more.

Trust D-Bug Waterproofing with Your French Drain Needs

With over 75 years of experience installing French Drains in southwestern PA, we know what it takes to get the job done. To schedule your free inspection, visit our Contact Us page or give us a call at 1-855-381-1528.