Foundation Settling and Upheaval

Foundation SettlingMany foundation problems are caused by pressure against the exterior of your basement, resulting in cracks and bowed walls. Water pressure in summer and ice in winter work against the foundation, causing problems over time.

Foundation settling or upheaval are special problems, often signaled by vertical cracks as the foundation drops when the ground beneath it gradually sinks deeper or is raised up by frost intruding below the basement.

Some earth movement is natural and expected, but excessive movement can damage walls and windows, cause doors to stick, and even threaten the stability of your home.

More Causes of Settling

There are a variety of ways foundation settling can occur, many of which are naturally occurring. Drying soil or tree roots that have grown beneath the foundation may cause the basement’s floor to heave and crack by displacing the soil beneath it.

Leaking underground plumbing can also cause the foundation to settle by washing away the soil. Homes built on hills, like many of those in the Pittsburgh area, are especially prone to damage to the foundation from soil erosion due to water runoff.

Signs of Settlement

It is normal for basements and foundations to experience some cracks during their lifespan. Hairline cracks in the concrete are quite common, and not all cracks need repairing. However, if the crack is wider than 1/8 of an inch, it may be time to call D-Bug Waterproofing for the help you need..

The most obvious sign of foundation settling are cracks with heaving. Heaving occurs when enough soil is displaced beneath the concrete that it becomes uneven. Cracks near window and door frames in the basement are also signs of settlement, especially when windows and doors become harder to open or close.


Foundation settling is a common occurrence, but it can lead to severe damage if ignored for long periods of time. If you notice large cracks in your basement’s walls or floor, or have difficulty opening basement windows and doors, it may be time to call on D-Bug’s experienced team of basement repair experts.

Piering is a process where steel pilings are driven into the ground to correct foundation settlement. Piers are driven down to bed rock or dense supporting strata, lifting the foundation back to its proper level and securing it in that position.  You can learn more on our Piering page.

Repairing damage caused by foundation settling will prevent further damage, protect the value of your home, and keep your family safe.

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